Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deciding to decide

Today's topic is about decisions and passion. How is it that so few are actually living our passions, let alone actually know someone who is living their passions and thriving at it?

I need to make some decisions that lead me to my passions, not as side lines but as the main event, ok that sounds cheesy but you get the idea ( I'm working against the clock here at a library)

How do those few people do it? How did they decide to make the decisions to follow their heart and passion/s wholeheartedly?

I am constantly in awe of these type of people. I watched a show last night about people who work at a circus called Circus Oz, a circus run by left-wing people who work with the same type of people, all of whom are there because it fulfills them soulfully. They are all interested in doing anarchy, in creating art, and going against the standard in so many ways such as refusing to have animals in their brand of circus. And all of them seemed to be so content, not complacent but alive( I just wrote alove, funny little typo huh?)

I'm looking for that push from the universe, I guess to say that if I follow my passion it will support me.


  1. Everytime I get sick of the "rat race" of life I always say "I'm going to join the Circus". I say it at least once a month since I was about 11

  2. wow, really? maybe you should? I know I hate racing, period so it is time for some change.