Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost at 300!!

We are on the way to seeing 300 signatures well before the week ends, I feel certain of this. Seeing as it's only Tuesday and we've reached 242 signatures already. It's pretty awesome!!

If you haven't yet signed, please do.

And here's another picture of our little monkey who died now 2 weeks ago, Rel.
He bit me when he died. He was really sick. Having seizures. And we wanted to know why he died. What made him sick. But all the doctor, (who I went to see about the bite) et all gave 2 shits about was me, not him at all. Cuz he was dead and "only" a kitty after all. It's awful. So this is even more reason to sign the petition, that and a million others, sadly.

But how cute is he? He was so loving. He liked to snuggle in my arms and flop like a little, furry doll, with his head hanging either over the edge or rested in the nook, while lying on his back, in my arms, and purring as loud as anything. He's very much missed here. By us, and his kitty family too.

The day after he died, one of his little sisters, in fact the little runt, Mimsy, came up to me and wanted snuggles! Up to that point she and and her sister and their other brother had all been very stand-offish. But things changed. She began to mourn and now likes snuggles from me all the time, and she purrs a lot. But, unlike little Rel, Mimsy doesn't like lounging in anyone's arms, she just comes for the snuggles, which, I must say, she demands quite loudly:) and the occasional hold, on the shoulder, and then off she leaps!


  1. Oh sweetie, I can understand. I didn't cry when my mother passed, but it took all I had in me to control myself when my Chinchilla died. I hate how we treat animals. Everytime I see "road kill" it pisses me off, because if those where human bodies, there is no way they would be allowed to just lie there. But now I'm just pissing myself off....

  2. If I've never said, I'm sorry about your chinchilla. And of course, your mom too. Emotions are funny. When my kitty died last year I cried for about a week solid, and still now, but when this little guy died I felt sad, but didn't cry. Maybe cuz I had too be the responsible one.

  3. Thank for your comment. Articles are in Czech language and is therefore not surprising that it can not understand. Unfortunately I do not have time to translate articles into English and my English is also not a miracle.

    Of course, at the banner is a fox, trapped in the fur farm.

    Regarding your petition, every effort counts...

    Thank for your interest!

  4. Zdenek, thanks for taking the time to write and in English, which I must say is pretty good. Every effort does count, so I'm pretty pleased that the petition's moving along. Thanks again!

  5. Hi, read this message: The Toronto Star discovered a strategy memo from inside the Canadian ministry of agriculture suggesting the foregoing of a ban on the trade of dog and cat fur as "a ban could have implications for the farmed fur industry in Canada and for Canada's position against the banning of Canadian seal products by other countries..."


  6. I know! It's pretty disgusting and fucked I just read about it yesterday, in fact.