Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The greedy bastard-philistine-athon!

So, it's the day of Christmas Eve, which has always been my favourite's cozy and exciting!

Christmas itself should really only be celebrated by people who dig Jesus, the Light, or Christos, which means light, in Greek. It is his supposed birthday. That's not really a fact, of course that December 25th is the "birthday" of Jesus, it was a plot of convenience by the governing bodies at the time..I can't remember all the stupid details.

But the point is, it's supposed to be a birthday of Jesus, but we give each other gifts. Also, some people eat pork, that, I have to say I find funny, as in weird. Jesus was a Jewish person, full stop. So the whole pork eating thing wasn't kosher, at all.

Also, people talk endlessly about "the Christmas spirit", what they really mean is "the greedy bastard-philistine-athon". At Christmas there are more people begging on the streets and over the past 2 years, more unemployment. All the while people keep telling themselves that if they buy so-and-so that biggest, latest, whatever she/he will love her/him more. Also, no one ever holds any damn door open for other people during this time of year. But,of course not, everyone's rushing off to shop. That is of course the true meaning of being a philistine.
Ah, Christmas!
And then there's the obsession with the music. And the damn idea of a "white Christmas".

Little point of fact, that song, "White Christmas" that we all have come to know and either love or abhor, was written by a man named Irving Berlin, a very talented, and very Jewish man! Ah, the irony!!!

You know, with a little wave of his magic wand, for well over 60 years now, we the Christmas-music-listening pubic have become weather forecasters. All we talk about is whether or not it'll be a white Christmas. I wonder if people gave 2 shits about the state of the weather at Christmas before 1942, when the song was written?

And lastly,
my "Christmas" wish:

this year, especially in light of the raids on the Toronto Humane Society by the OSPCA , who uncovered disgusting and gruesome acts of animal cruelty, I truly hope that no one gives animals as their present to anyone, least of all to a child. That angers and disgusts me to no end! Animals are not property! Why the fuck can we 'buy' a dog, kitty, bunny, turtle, hamster, ...and then give it a gift. We don't go and buy children and give them as gifts, now do we?


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    I want to wish you a merry christmas
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  2. I know it makes me mad too, animal are considered "property" under our laws here in the US too. Even if they become part of our family, the only "Value" they have under the law is a price you pay for them, even if it's an "adoption" fee.
    There are some nice things during the season though, I did see a man come out of the grocery store and give bags of food to 5 homeless people near by

  3. that is pretty nice, the man giving the bags of groceries, and some man helped my sister pay for the rest of hers the other day....