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Friday, December 4, 2009

The media really is a spin doctor

Feeling the cold. But no snow..yet. Am hoping that more people will please sign my petition asking the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution. It's crucial, and really, we have to do it, there really is no other option from where I sit.

the link...

In other news, no the recession is not over, at all. If anything it is getting worse. One big hint, all the damn sales that are taking place..this isn't usual, so many sales before cristmas ( I spelled it this was on purpose) Every store I saw today was having half off sales or 40%, or weird everything for $5 sales, literally store after store. So, there's that, and then there are the growing number of people begging. And lest we forget, the fact that finding a job seems even more challenging than ever.

If, as the media were to have us believe, this depression is over, sales wouldn't be abounding, the beggars wouldn't be popping up like ??? popcorn, and the job hunt wouldn't be so cut-throat.

And, if we were all to believe this here media bullshit, then the pandemic flu they say would be over as well. The media really loves to try to pull the wool over our collective third eye, hey?

In truth, they usually, succeed. Why, you may wonder, well, simple, we are gullible!! And scared, and media is the new religion, check it out, celebrities "tweet" that they just used the toilet and this becomes the most important news since the lies about the recession being done.

Question everything.

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