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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the earthquake

Hey readers and animal lovers, please take a moment and sign my petition asking the Canadian Government to include animal rights into the constitution.

The Haitian earthquake is awful, what makes it even more so is that Haiti has had "300 years of forest denudation " (I got that from an on-line article by someone called Tom Gill), and therefore, it has no way of sustaining floods, landslides and the aridity that comes about from not having any trees.

I've read lots of different estimations about what the human death toll could be. No where have any animals been mentioned. I'm worried.

I know it is 'the poorest country' in the west, and so helping human lives may take precedence, however, there are some organizations like WSPA and a group from Panama called Angeles de los Animales (angels of the animals) who are giving aid to the animals.

The "new" kitten we have adopted is curled up right next to me, asleep! She's adorable. Now she's woken up and is licking my hand, the hand she's snuggled on top of. I'm typing with only one hand...

If you have any information about the animals in Haiti, let me know.


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