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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bear Cruelty, worldwide

Here's a letter I wrote just now, to a Cherokee Tribal council in Cherokee N.C ,via PETA’S website, asking the council to close their roadside ‘zoos’ that abuse bears. I have added a bit to it here.
Tribal Council,
Bears are sacred to  the Cherokee, and other First Nations Peoples. Chaining up these beautiful, majestic, and incredible animals is an evil. All over the world, so much horrible evil is constantly inflicted on bears. In China holes are bored into living bears' bodies, while they are held in tiny cages and their gall bladders are 'milked' for "medicine" ( This should make us all think twice about using Traditional Chinese Medicine, which still uses these barbaric practices, in order for humans to attain balance etc.In Russia, bears are "baited" --chained up and attacked by dogs as a sport for onlookers.(I couldn't bring myself to find an article about that. It is a disgusting horror)

 Humanity disgusts me! Men are always the ones responsible for war, cruelty and violence on those who can't defend themselves.
 The  bear pits in question which are attractions for many people, are in fact hell for the bears that are forced to live in them. Bears work on energy lines, similar to bees,  and they always follow the same paths.They need space to move, and roam. Beyond this, the way the bears are being horribly mistreated is disgusting, and needs to stop. The bears that are currently being forced to live in these 'zoos' need to be transferred to loving, healing sanctuaries, now. 
 Here's the link to the PETA petition site, where you can write your own letter to the Tribal Council, too. They are going to decide on Wednesday, March 6th, and will be voting on the 7th.

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