Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, April 27, 2009

Signs of Spring

Ok...the kittens in the garage are also adorable. And smart as kitten-sized whips. I put a box for them to snuggle in, and they do and they are also using the litter box I just added.

I'm watching the sun set behind was raining all day, but the sun came out and was just beautiful, cold, but beautiful.

Decisions are damned difficult, maybe this would explain why I seem to be having problems spelling this word..or so says the spell check. And this blog feels fit for the compost.

But on the brighter side..I have made some break- throughs with the kittens! I spoke with someone fromThe Humane Society who said I need to try and socialize them, and voila, I got to actually pick one little monkey up today. S/he was eating and the others had scampered away and this little one was so engrossed in the eating, that s/he didn't run away, and so I gently picked her/him up and held ( I'll just say her from here on in, ) her and petted her, and then she realized. " Hey, I'm not on the ground eating!", and just like that she leaped out of my arms and back to the waiting food.

And since that initial snuggle I've given a pet to someone else, and they all don't seem as timid anymore. Skinner I am not. But socialized they are a gettin'! Apart from them, I am also looking after their mom, and the other homeless kitty, C.P, plus my own kitty..that's 7. It's a lot, but I feel blessed that they have chosen our garage to live in!

I also saw a baby raccoon on my porch the other night.


  1. Awww kittens!! I love it! I saw a racoon here yesterday, but he wasn't a baby, he was bigger than my sister's dog! Still really cute though, seems either I see him or the cute fox I've nicknamed Sox...ok so it's lame but he looks like he's wearing socks!

  2. Sox--it's cute and i like it. I haven't named the kittens yet..I suppose I shouldn't cuz then I'll be harder to adopt them out. But they really are adorable:)