Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dreaded Misfits

"Me and you, your momma and your cousin too

Rollin down the strip on vogues
Comin up slammin Cadillac doz"


Patriarchal words and expressions to reclaim

Below this first list you'll find all the corresponding reclaimed words

  1. Seminal
  2. Penal
  3. Mankind, Man made
  4. the verb "To Man"example: "someone to man the door"
  5. Erect, Erected
  6. Gay
  7. Spunk or Spunky
  8. Husbandry--meaning farming ,economy
  9. Genocide-w/ reference to the females or witches (let's reclaim this one too, shall we?) who were killed in the Spanish Inquisition
  10. Manhole Cover
  11. Penmanship
  12. Sportsmanship
  13. Workmanship
  14. Walkman/Disc man
  15. Manager

The Reclaimed!!!!
  1. Vulvic, Ovic, Oveal or Ovarian
  2. Vagic, Ovaric,Vaginal
  3. Womankind, Womanmade
  4. To look the fuck after, to watch, To oversee, To guard
  5. Raised , Built
  6. Queer, Sexy Mutherfucker
  7. Passion(ate),Tenacity
  8. The art of Farming, Farm labouring
  9. Gynocide
  10. Utility hole cover
  11. Writing
  12. Athletic/ A good Athlete
  13. Work ethic
  14. Portable cassette/CD player
  15. Supervisor

And now, a wee excerpt from a zine I used to write...

"I'd like a nice , Jewish( which is an adjective) girl, w. dreads, who
loves cooking and cats ...kissing and the rain...mmmm, sounds dreamy,

I think people have a genuine allergy, its a medical condition really. It's called emailum phobilaius, honest ingin it's a real and true condition. It dates back to the time of the pen; that awkward utensil used for both stabbing a random opponent in their ocular cavity or for writing handy things down like cute girls #s, thoughts, film reviews, whatever...

Well, at first this new, fandangled instrument of both destruction and joy was praised and loved...but time grew on, people started getting ill, a girl would see a hot girl in the street, and instead of getting her number---they'd talk!!! right there in the open public!!!
the horra! People would go to see plays and other cultural
things...and instead of writing their requisite review in the local cultural rag... they would sit for extended periods in mead halls and coffee shops and discuss these plays, films, what have you, together! People were becoming ill, the disease was taking over...the deadly hand cramp was causing people to become extroverts!!!

Social interaction was becoming the norm.!!(insert mad gasp here!) Needless, to say, when the Internet was invented and we were given the fine
technology of email, people thought "Oh look, a better and ?? faster way to communicate my thoughts, hopes, dreams, wishes and desires; better than the lowly pen." Well, this is not an entirely accurate portrayal of people...becuz actually no one could remember the name
for the pen...all they remembered were the stories their grandparents
had imprinted on them about the deadly and lethal "handius
crampius". And thus, after a short time people began to first, lose interest in the new technology...emails would go unanswered for days then weeks, and then finally people started catching "the disease" --emailum phobilaius --the common thought was "why email when I can
talk.".. plus , people, started saying, "it isn't that speedy,there are glitches in this so-called new technology...we're tied of it, we want to start a revolution!!"
And so the brilliant sheep herd all thought they were so cool coming
up with their very revolutionary anarchist mores, cuz none of them had
evidently heard of their far more intelligent precursors...
The Luddites!( sheesh!)

I bring you this little cautionary tale, kind readers, as a reminder:
we are given the gift of technology to use as a means of communication,
if we don't use what we have , we lose not just the forms (the net,the
pen, zines!!!) but we soon forget their basic function, (to link
people together) and the deep, pensive , inward thinkers of the world,
will be forced to make polite conversation at parties, smoke cheap
cigars, and only hope that their cute dreaded misfit still values the
importance of community built through the written word!"

"As Gregor Samsa woke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found
himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect" Franz Kafka

A tree in Ireland near the Hill of Tara


  1. It's the paradox of progress. Technology allows us to stay in contact easier, yet it drives us apart by not needing to have human to human contact.
    Here is the thing, people met, became friends, or married without the internet. I know, hard to believe. But when did we become so afraid to interact in person?
    Everytime I write a letter I always begin by saying "Yes, I know, letter writing is a dying art" lol
    Oh yeah, lets reclaim "Masticate"

  2. Paradox indeed! Masticate? Porque? Geez, you're ahead of me...I haven't written a snail-mail letter in at least 2 years.

  3. Masticate is never used because it sounds dirty, or at least that's what I think, but all it means is "to chew"

  4. oh I know the meaning of masticate full well, just wondered why it was on the "don't use" list. I think it's a great word.