Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Monday, April 20, 2009

The weather

Just a wee note about the weather, its raining and dark and so cozy. Every single person I saw outside today was dressed for dry and warm weather. I, on the other hand was dressed for the rain, full stop. Rain boots, rain pants, my rain proof water touched me. I love the rain..and so does my cat, she loves venturing forth in it. Though today she's snuggled in her basket...

Trip preparations are underway!

The roots of a Rowan tree...from a fairy glen..Scotland!!!


  1. I'm jealous! It's in the 90's here!! I miss the rain....

  2. Is that cold? The rain is so beautiful?

  3. Yes It is stellagtite! Ding DIng Ding you win!! No one ever knows that. It's called "The Crystal King" and it in the Ohio Caverns. The Falls are Niagra Falls and the sunset is in La Jolla in California. :)

  4. LOL that is why I say that great minds think alike! Finally I found someone who doesn't say "What is that? Is that real?"

  5. :) it's pretty obvious that it was a staglagtite...what else could it be?? And you said you found it in Ohio, is that right?