Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Died in my arms

This little boy, Rel, or as I sometimes called him Pushkin, died last night, in my arms. He was only 6 1/2 months. We were rushing to the all night vet, and got there too late. He was gone. And not one of the staff members at the vet could give too shits. We came in with a dead kitty and no one said anything. All the idiot woman,who led us into a room, said, in terms of being "nice" was there was no charge. Isn't that big-hearted of her? No charge to take a fucking stethoscope and confirm kitty was dead. Wow!

Talk about zero compassion!


  1. Ouch. The people at the 24 hour vet for my chinchilla were very kind and compassionate. I even got a card from them a week later with a message something like "You made your little friends stay on this earth heaven." But yeah like every business there are people with no compassion

  2. Hi how are you?

    I was looking through your blog, and I found it interesting, and inspiring to me, so I thought why not leave you a comment.

    I too have a blog that I use out of Southern California here in San Diego.

    Mostly it is a collection of artistic expression, and I have many friends with the same interests, maybe you can become my friend, and follow, and I can also follow you, if that is okay.

    Well I hope to hear from you soon, and or read about you….LOL


  3. Oh, Taveller, I'm so, so sorry. That breaks my heart. How cold. I guess they've managed to get detached and callous along the way.

    I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I've lost three of my own beloved animals this year - two dogs and the old man of the family, my Snowshoe Siamese cat. I loved him dearly, dearly and I know what you're going through.

    Be comforted, my friend.

  4. Again thank you Ellie:) And you're right about the people at the vet, they have managed to get detached from their hearts, and therefore being callous seems to be the only option. It's a pity and very hard to deal with.

  5. Hi, Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have signed the petition and will ask that others do, too.
    It is hard to believe that a civilized country like Canada doesn't already have a Stop Animal Cruelty law in place already.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX