Near the Old Man of Storr, Scotland I took this in 2004

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Petition: Amend the Constitution!

Please click on the link below and sign my petition urging the PM of Canada to add federal animal protection laws to the constitution. Whether you are from Canada or abroad, all voices and as many as possibles will be instrumental in legislating change!



And by the way, for any sceptics out there, who feel that petitions are a waste of time or don't work, to you, I say, look at the amazing strides two recent petitions which have been , and still are, featured hare, have made. One was turned into a bill, which was passed in parliament by
Senator Mac Harb, calling for an end to the murdering of baby seals by clubbing death. The second powerful petition that has worked is the more recent victory that Greenpeace won on behalf of ancient, old growth forests. Greenpeace began the campaign 5 years ago, targeting Kimberly-Clark as the worst offender of ancient, old growth clear cutting.

Over the summer, Kimberly-Clark, made it official that they will no longer clear cut or use ancient, old-growth timber in their paper products any longer!

These are giant victories, which started as well-intentioned petitions, too.

So, we begin here, slowly adding our names and voices to a cause that is important, and without a doubt, my petition to enshrine anti-animal cruelty laws into Canada's constitution will become a reality, and more countries will then follow suit!


  1. Signed!! Thanks for doing this!!

    ~Denise and Melina

  2. Wicked, thanks for signing!!! It needs to be done, so I'm grateful to all the people who are signing. Please let people know:)

  3. I also Tweeted the link. Hopefully some of my followers will take a minute to sign!

  4. hey thanks a lot!! That's really great. We're at 35 signatures, including me, so let's hope it keeps moving:)
    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Traveller,

    So I'm here in order to I signed the petition in response at challenge on my blog. I am from Czech Republics, but gladly to sign the petition.

    I live for animals...

  6. I really appreciate that. Thank you!! Please ask other people to sign. I hope to set a precedent in N. America with this petition and get it into alaw soon!

  7. I wanted to sign the petition but the link won't load, it says it is no longer there(?)

  8. Hey Aunt Jackie,

    please try again. I've checked the link and it seems ok from here. But let me know if you still can't get through.