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Friday, September 18, 2009

Petition Fever!!

This petition is just the beginning of a long, and assuredly very, strenuous uphill battle, that I am 100% committed to, and it heartens me to no end to have such positive feedback from so many of you!!

Keep Signing!

Thank you for your comments, your signatures, your activism.

If you haven't yet signed my petition asking Canada's PM, and other law makers to amend the constitution and include animal rights in it, then please take a second and do it now. If you already have, bask in your well deserved karma, and please don't forget to get lots of people on board, the more people signing, the more good karma all around, and the sooner this petition can actually do its job and save animals from torture, and cruelty, or at least, put those responsible away, with severe consequences for their sick actions!

I want this petition to have sponsorship but either The David Suzuki Foundation and or Senator Mac Harb, so in order to do that I'm hoping we can get more signatures still!!!

Here's the link again,


  1. Hi.

    I'm not sure what the point of your petition is. If animal rights means anything it ought to mean that animals are not made to suffer unnecessarily. This would mean the end of all of our animal use, for food, for fashion, for experiments, for entertainment, etc...

    As it stands non-humans are our property and the owner of that property will always have their trivial interests placed ahead of even the most fundamental interests of the property (for example their interest in life).

    There is no way in our current society to adopt this viewpoint into the constitution, so I have to assume that you're trying to help regulate the use of non-humans, not end that use.

    I would suggest that your time and energy, which no doubt comes from a very genuine and caring place, would be better spent educating others about veganism and the abolition of animal use. Meaningful legal change will only come once there are more people who understand the reasoning behind veganism, the social movement must grow, I encourage you to be a part of that process.

    Please goto there is lots of information there about the abolitionist veganism.

  2. I take it you didn't even bother to read my petition, did you?

  3. Of course I read it. You mention toughening animal protection laws, which has nothing to do with giving non-human animals the right not to our property. In fact it has nothing to do with animal rights at all, instead it seeks to regulate the treatment of animals, it is animal welfare.

    There is no real substance in the petition, it only talks vaguely of making 'the abusers' who act cruelly to animals face criminal charges. It does not define what cruelty is, or what constitutes criminally cruel behavior.

    The uses of animals that I mentioned before are unnecessary and horribly cruel. If your intention with this petition is to end the use of non-human animals because you recognize that these uses are cruel and should be criminal then it's not well reflected in the text.

    It's hard to understand why a society that has no problem with the torture and slaughter of billions of animals a year would make similar, non institutional abuses, criminal. The people signing your petition probably aren't even vegan, why are these people so concerned with the treatment of non-humans in these cases, but not at all concerned about the non-human animals whose suffering they participate in?

    You will make a greater impact if you help them realize that all use of animals is unjustified, and the animals whose exploitation we participate in everyday is every bit as morally repugnant as the actions of those you seek to further criminalize.

  4. JonBen

    This petition is a suggestion to the lawmakers of this country, not legislation itself. We have politicians for the purpose of working out details of the legislation they enact. That is not your, or my, or this blogger's, job.

    The intention of this petition is to bring this issue to the attention of the parliment. As for your comment, "there is no way in our current society to adapt this viewpoint into the constitution", well, it has been in Germany, so why not Canada?

    Also, your comment that this petition "has nothing to do with animal rights at all... it is animal welfare", seems to suggest that you believe that animals do not have the right to be treated humanely, that welfare is not a right. So maybe you dont eat animals or animal products, but that doesnt make you a better person if you still kick dogs, set fire to cats or starve horses (i could go on with much less family friendly stories...)

    Perhaps if you have another agenda, such as convincing a world that veganism is the new Christianity, you should do it on your own blog site, and not hijack this one.

    I would suggest that your time and energy, which no doubt comes from a genuine and caring place, be better spent eating a steak so that your brain begins functioning again.

  5. I couldn't sign it, error 404.
    Great initiative anyway, I wish you the best.

  6. Hi Harley,

    I've checked the link just now and everything seems ok from this end, so please try again. Thanks a lot!